What is the process for cooking in the kitchen?

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You don't have to have insurance to sign up! The sign up fee covers a walk through and training (and the one time $25 fee is waived until 4/1)

Get Insurance & Pay Deposits

You should have business insurance whether you are using our kitchen or not, but when you're using our kitchen you specifically need the following:

$2 million in liability coverage

$1 million per occurrence

Additional Insured: 800 Block LLC

There is a $100 deposit to use the kitchen (refundable if you cancel your account without incurring any cleaning penalties)

There is a $50 fob deposit if you will need to be accessing the kitchen on a regular basis when there are no Co-Operators on site. Deposit is refunded when you return the fob.

Buy Credits

The cost of an hour of kitchen time depends on 3 factors:

1. Are you renting the kitchen by yourself or are you sharing it with someone?

2. Are you renting the kitchen during "prime time" or one of the discounted times?

3. How much did you pay for your credits?

Depending on if you're sharing the kitchen and when you're using it, kitchen time ranges from 1 - 3 credits per hour.

One of the ways to save money on your kitchen rental is to get a bulk discount on credits. If you buy credits 40+ at a time they are only $5 each, instead of $7 each.

Book & Cook

Once you have credits you can book time. Just look at the calendar next to the request form and submit the details of the days and times you would like to book the kitchen. Don't forget to follow the opening and closing procedures covered in your walk through training!

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